Partial List of Satisfied Customers


Corporate, Commercial, and Special Event Clients

• Netflix Film Productions, Inc.

• Sony/Hulu Film Productions, Inc.

• Warner Bros Studios, Inc.

• ABC TV Productions, Inc.

•Tyler Perry Studios/Lions Gate Films, Inc.

• Shudder Camera Film House, LLC

• STARZ Entertainment Network, Inc.

• Disney/GWAVE Films Productions

BobbCat Film Productions, Inc. 

• BET Film Productions, Inc,

• LaFace Records, Inc. (Usher Raymond, OutKast, TLC, etc.)

• Atlanta 1996 Summer Olympics (Vendor Services)

• Ken D. Brown, Esq., Law Firm

• Control Building Services/Colonial Mall Properties (7 locations) 

• Off Duty Officers, Inc. (CHEP, ASSI Plaza, Universal Alloy, Yachiyo)

• Brady Solutions, LLC

• Assi Plaza at Suwanee 

• Galleria Plaza at Suwanee

• Security Services of Ga., Inc.

• Impark Event Facilities

• Diversified Business Resolutions, LLC

• The Consortium on Negotiations & Conflict Resolutions, Ga. State University

• Harvard Law School's Program on Negotiations 

• The Atlanta NAACP, Legal Redress Committee

• LayLaw Legal Services, LLC

• Monge & Associates, Law Firm

• The Atlanta Legal Redress Network, Inc. 

• Cinevita Films 

• Divas Productions

 • New Life Bible Church

• Brunswick Apartment Community (Range Water Estates)  

• Miles Properties

• Cortland Properties

• Regal Hollywood Cinemas

• The Men's Wearhouse

• DynCorp/CSC U. S. Postal Operations

• Atlanta Public Schools

• Temple Emanuel Jewish Synagogue

• AFC World Wide Express, Inc.

• Lakewood Amphitheater 

• Ga. World Congress Center

• Ga Dome

• Phillips Arena

• Atlanta Civic Center

• Atlanta Braves, Hawks, and Falcons (Impark)

• Nike Pavilion

• Atlanta Black Gay Pride Festival

• St. Joseph Rehab Center

• Radisson Inn, 

• Marriott Residence Inn

• The Urban Suburban Office Complex

•  Porshe Auto Mgf. Office Facilities

• The Westin Hotel 

• Hampton Inn

• Hilton Gardens Hotel

• Colony Ridge Apts. 

• Apple Tree Townhouses

• Highland Run East, West, Enclave, Villas, Club, Trail, & Park Apts. (Miles Properties)

• Kroger

• Panola Pointe Shopping Plaza

• BP Oil/ Bovis Lend-Lease 

• Phillips 66 

• Texaco

• Ga. Department of Transportation

• Morehouse College

•Boss Management

• S & S Restaurants

• Burger King

• Krystal's

• El Gran Progresso Grocery Stores (8 locations)

• Lasic Eye Surgery Center

• Tools USA, LLC

• Team 3 Sports & Fitness, Inc.

Film/TV Productions (among over 100):

'Monarch': Netflix, 2021, 2022

'Cobra Kai': Mesquite Productions, 2021, 2022

'ATLANTA-Samson', S-3 & 4, Minim Productions, 2021 

'Camp Whistler: REJOICE': 2021

'First Kill' S-1: Netflix, 2021

'Woke' S-2: Mesquite Productions, 2021

'Power Puff Girls': Warner Bros, 2021

'Single Drunk Female': Disney, 2021

'The Valet': 2021

'Pieces of Her': 2021

'Queens': ABC TV/Disney, 2021

'Dog Gone': 2021

'Lilly': 2021

'Kingdom Business': 2021

'They Cloned Tyrone': Netflix Films, Mark Cottrell & Adam Citroni, Loc Mgrs, 2020 & 2021

'Ms. Pat': BET Films, Angi Bones, UPM, 2020, 2021 & 2022

'P-Valley': STARZ Entertainment Network, Rehya Young, Loc Mgr, 2019 & 2020

'Thunder Force': Netflix Films, Mark Cottrell & Jamal Mullen, Loc Mgrs, 2019

'Charming Hearts of Men': Ladies Day PSC, Inc. Dodd Vickers &  Alex Khan Loc Mgrs, 2019

'Annex': Lionsgate Films, Alex Khan, Loc Mgr. 2019

'Alieu The Dreamer': BobbCat Films, Angi Bones, UPM, 2019

'Tales': BET Films, Chris Askew, Producer/Loc Mgr., 2018

'Last Call': BobbCat Film Studio, Angi Bones, UPM, 2018

'Life-Size 2': Disney Films, Angi Bones, UPM, Matt Mesina, Locations Manager, 2018

'The House Next Door 2': BobbCat Films, Angi Bones, UPM. 2017

'Nori On The Run': On the Run, Inc., Ivan Vanderrama, Locations Manager, 2017

'Bad Dad Rehab': BobbCat Films, Jim Tripp, UPM, 2016

'Zoe Ever After' Season 1: BET Films, Jim Tripp, UPM, 2015 

'Being Mary Jane' Season 2: BET Films, Akil Brock, Producer/Director, 2014

'The Game' Season 7: BET/Breakdown Productions, Paul Garnes/Cheryl Miller, UPM, 2013

'The Rickey Smiley Show' Season 1 to current: BobbCat Films, Angi Bones, 2012-2018

'Let the Church Say Amen': BET/Breakdown Productions, Angi Bones, UPM, 2012

'Raising Izzie' & 'In the Meantime': BobbCat Productions, Angi Bones, UPM. 2012 & 2013

'Drop Dead Divas': Maida Morgan & Steve Dirkes, 2009

'Stomp The Yard': 2007

'Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girl': 2007

'October Road': Disney Films, John Findley, 2007

'Vanished': Maida Morgan, Locations Mgr. 2006

'We Are Marshall': Thunder Road Film Productions, John Findley, Locations Mgr, 2006 

'Tyler Perry’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman': Mike Riley, Locations Manager. 2005

'Bobby Jones: A Stroke of Genius': Mike Riley, Locations Manager, 2004

'Dumb and Dumber: When Harry Met Lloyd': Mike Riley, Locations Manager, 2003 

'Fighting Temptations': MTV Films, 2003

"Ready to Protect, Serve and Secure...a Noble Duty."

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