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"Safety and Security begins with the Right Mindset, which must be followed by Adequate, Effective Actions."

***Remember: You are Only as Safe and Secure as You Reasonably Think and Believe You Are!"

So...Who Is Knight Shield?

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Knight Shield was founded in 1996 with the Atlanta Summer Olympics as one of our first clients. Our founder, Nolan Shaheed Knight, a graduate of the historic and prestigious Morehouse College in Atlanta, Ga., is an active/reserve status State of Georgia POST certified Police Officer (#90-0290-S) & Instructor, and currently possesses a PHR (Professional in Human Resources) certification from the 'grandfather' of HR certifying agencies, HRCI.

He holds the Georgia State Board of Private Detectives and Security Professionals license (#PSC002385) and certification (#SGE064537), including the Classroom and Firing Range Instructor Certification. Additionally, he is a certified Federal EEOC investigator, mediator, counselor, and a Ga Supreme Court Neutral/Mediator & Arbitrator, including for special victims/domestic violence (#5205-9822-1802-7008). He was first certified in mediations in 2000, after completing the two-year Graduate Studies Program at Ga State University's Law School, Consortium on Negotiations & Conflict Resolution.

Mr. Shaheed has served the public through County Sheriffs and Police Departments, and at the State level, as an HR, Employee-Management Relations Counselor, Consultant & Mediator. He also continues to serve, since 2010, and works diligently to secure Civil Rights, due process, for ALL Citizens as the Legal Redress Chairman/Program Manager, at the Atlanta Branch of the NAACP.

Most of all, he is a Man who Strongly Believes that The Divine is Active in his Life and Requires Much of him, all of us, daily. Therefore, ALL that We Do, is with a Noble, Higher, Divine Purpose.

Security Group Of Man

Knight Shield Ventures into Human Resources


In 2010, the company expanded into Human Resources/Employee-Management Relations and Development Consulting, working closely with law firms (LayLaw Legal, LLC and Stephanie D. Banks Law Office), The Atlanta Branch of the NAACP, and the Atlanta District Federal EEOC (as a third party representative, mediator or consultant for customers filing Title VII Civil Rights complaints against their employers). We also worked for employers, to avoid discrimination claims as well as answered EEO interrogatories (certified employment law paralegal). Over the years, we helped clients file their complaints, We would then investigate and collect relevant evidence, secure mediation sessions, and then negotiated monetary settlements ($2 million awards thus far), and/or at least more favorable/positive working conditions, etc. Many of our clients were/are private employees or independent contractors and/or union members who sought/seek our help and advice on how best to proceed with filing their case/claim.


Our Success. At our peak, we held $30 million in corporate contracts from Atlanta, Ga. to Miami, Fla, and Mobile, Alabama, employing or contracting up to 150 employees and contractors. The company has been profitable for the last 15 of its 20 plus years of operations.

Knight Shield holds up to 8 million dollars in commercial liability insurance and workers comp insurance.


We have an impressive portfolio of clients providing them expert level executive protection, project coordination & management of events, scheduling and managing itineraries for clients such as the Atlanta Braves, Hawks and Falcons, the Gwinnett Braves, Mayor Shirley Franklin, Usher Raymond, TLC, Justin Timberlake, Outcast, Tyler Perry, Spike Lee, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Beyoncé, and top executives of LaFace Records, Bad Boy Records, BobbCat Films & Studio, Disney Film Productions, Netflix, Fox, and MTV Film Productions, and numerous Atlanta, Ga based Fortune 500 companies such as Porche Auto, Inc. office building, and BP Oil Films and Marketing.


Capt. Tori Richardson
Sr. Operations & Project Manager/Gaffer.
He has been a valued team member for 10+ yrs. He’s a former executive manager for a national & historical non-profit.

Lt. Victor Smith
Asst. Field Ops Manager (Corporate division).
He has been with Knight Shield since 1998. Former police officer, deputy sheriff, and US Marine.

Sgt. Nadege Alce
Project Manager (film & special events).
She has been a valued team member since 2020

Sgt. Shakeeta Thomas
Supervisor (film & special events).
She has been a valued team member since 2020.

Annette Marra
Accounts Manager.
She has been a valued team member since 2020.

Security Training


Security Team

Our Agents have frequently traveled across the U.S. and internationally, including England, Germany, Egypt, Ireland, and the Caribbean, to help and/or manage the planning and implementation of the security plans and procedures for concerts and/or events our clients would be attended. We have been highly successful with providing professional, expert services in this area, including providing planning and protective services for large-scale projects--supervising, staffing, and managing such on the local and international levels. Many projects that we managed extended for up to twenty-four weeks and involved multiple sites, with the need arising for us to utilize subcontract vendors, such as janitorial, landscaping, waste management, construction, transportation services, and temporary staffing firms. It was our responsibility to secure and sign contracts with such vendors.


Corporate, Commercial, and Special Event Clients

Netflix Films, Inc.

Sony/Hulu Productions

Warner Bros Studios

ABC TV Productions

Tyler Perry/Lions Gate Films, Inc.

Shudder Camera Film House

STARZ Entertainment Network, Inc.

Disney/GWAVE Films Productions

BobbCat Film Productions, Inc.

BET Film Productions, Inc,

LaFace Records, Inc. (Usher Raymond, OutKast, TLC, etc.)

Atlanta 1996 Summer Olympics (Vendor Services)

Ken D. Brown, Esq. Law Firm

Control Building Services/Colonial Mall Properties (7 locations)

Off Duty Officers, Inc. (CHEP, ASSI Plaza, Universal Alloy, Yachiyo)

Brady Solutions, LLC

Impact Solutions, LLC

Assi Plaza, Suwannee

Galleria Plaza at Suwannee

Security Services of Ga., Inc.

Impark Event Facilities

Diversified Business Resolutions, LLC

The Consortium on Negotiations & Conflict Resolutions, Ga. State University

Harvard Law School's Program on Negotiations

The Atlanta NAACP, Legal Redress Committee

LayLaw Legal Services, LLC

Monge & Associates, Law Firm

The Atlanta Legal Redress Network, Inc.

Cinevita Films

Divas Productions

New Life Bible Church

Miles Properties

Cortland Properties

Regal Hollywood Cinemas

The Men's Wearhouse

DynCorp/CSC U. S. Postal Operations

Atlanta Public Schools

Temple Emanuel Jewish Synagogue

AFC World Wide Express, Inc.

Lakewood Amphitheater

Ga. World Congress Center

Ga Dome

Phillips Arena

Atlanta Civic Center

Atlanta Braves, Hawks, and Falcons (Impark)

Nike Pavilion

Atlanta Black Gay Pride Festival

St. Joseph Rehab Center

Radisson Inn,

Marriott Residence Inn

The Urban Suburban Office Complex

Porshe Auto Mgf. Office Facilities

The Westin Hotel

Hampton Inn

Hilton Gardens Hotel

Colony Ridge Apts.

Apple Tree Townhouses

Highland Run East, West, Enclave, Villas, Club, Trail, & Park Apts. (Miles Properties)


Panola Pointe Shopping Plaza

BP Oil/ Bovis Lend-Lease

Phillips 66


Ga. Department of Transportation

Morehouse College

Boss Management

S & S Restaurants

Burger King


El Gran Progresso Grocery Stores (8 locations)

Lasic Eye Surgery Center

Tools USA, LLC

Nissan Automotives, LLC

Team 3 Sports & Fitness, Inc.

Film/TV Productions (among over 100)

Fighting Temptations (2003)
Loretha C. Jones Producer
'Atlanta', 2020-2022
'Candy', 2022-2023
'Kindred', 2022-2023
'Juror# 2', 2023
'Love & Taxes', 2023
'Grand Theft Auto', 2022--2023
'Cobra Kai': Mesquite Productions, 2021, 2022, 2023
'Stranger Things', 2023

Monarch': Netflix, 2021--2023

'ATLANTA-Samson', S-3 & 4, Minim Productions, 2021, 2022

'First Kill' S-1: Netflix, 2021--2022

'Woke' S-2: Mesquite Productions, 2021


'Camp Whistler, Rejoice, 2021

'Power Puff Girls': Warner Bros, 2021

'Single Drunk Female': Disney, 2021-2022

'The Valet': 2021

'Pieces of Her': 2021

'Queens': ABC TV/Disney, 2021

'Dog Gone': 2021

'Lilly': 2021

'Kingdom Business': 2021

'They Cloned Tyrone': Netflix Films, Mark Cottrell & Adam Citroni, Loc Mgrs, 2020 & 2021, Released 2023

'Ms. Pat': BET Films, Angi Bones, UPM, 2020, 2021 & 2022

'P-Valley': STARZ Entertainment Network, Rehya Young, Loc Mgr, 2019-2022

'Thunder Force': Netflix Films, Mark Cottrell & Jamal Mullen, Loc Mgrs, 2019

'Charming Hearts of Men': Ladies Day PSC, Inc. Dodd Vickers &  Alex Khan Loc Mgrs, 2019

'Annex': Lionsgate Films, Alex Khan, Loc Mgr. 2019

'Alieu The Dreamer': BobbCat Films, Angi Bones, UPM, 2019

'Tales': BET Films, Chris Askew, Producer/Loc Mgr., 2018

'Last Call': BobbCat Film Studio, Angi Bones, UPM, 2018

'Life-Size 2': Disney Films, Angi Bones, UPM, Matt Mesina, Locations Manager, 2018

'The House Next Door 2': BobbCat Films, Angi Bones, UPM. 2017

'Nori On The Run': On the Run, Inc., Ivan Vanderrama, Locations Manager, 2017

'Bad Dad Rehab': BobbCat Films, Jim Tripp, UPM, 2016

'Zoe Ever After' Season 1: BET Films, Jim Tripp, UPM, 2015

'Being Mary Jane' Season 2: BET Films, Akil Brock, Producer/Director, 2014

'The Game' Season 7: BET/Breakdown Productions, Paul Garnes/Cheryl Miller, UPM, 2013

'The Rickey Smiley Show' Season 1 to current: BobbCat Films, Angi Bones, 2012-2018

'Let the Church Say Amen': BET/Breakdown Productions, Angi Bones, UPM, 2012

'Raising Izzie' & 'In the Meantime': BobbCat Productions, Angi Bones, UPM. 2012 & 2013

'Drop Dead Divas': Maida Morgan & Steve Dirkes, 2009

'Stomp The Yard': 2007

'Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girl': 2007

'October Road': Disney Films, John Findley, 2007

'Vanished': Maida Morgan, Locations Mgr. 2006

'We Are Marshall': Thunder Road Film Productions, John Findley, Locations Mgr, 2006

'Tyler Perry’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman': Mike Riley, Locations Manager. 2005

'Bobby Jones: A Stroke of Genius': Mike Riley, Locations Manager, 2004

'Dumb and Dumber: When Harry Met Lloyd': Mike Riley, Locations Manager, 2003